Our Mission

The Al-Bari Group of Companies introduces a unique trend of trust, investment, and opportunities in the form of The Space Mall and The Aquatic Mall. The Al-Bari Group has several companies under its umbrella, all of whom are committed to bringing forth the most modern and innovative symbols of cultural expression, entertainment and progress in the ever-challenging, fast-paced business environment. The sole purpose of our initiative is to earn and uphold the trust of our worthy investors and to provide them, and our valued customers, with unparalleled venues of investment and refreshment.


Pakistan is blessed with natural beauty. Our nation is a melting pot of cultures, endowed with scenic vistas and hospitable people. All these aspects make Pakistan a wonderful destination for tourists from around the globe. As the real-estate sector in the country is flourishing, more people are trying to invest in and modernize the Pakistani infrastructure. These new, top-notch facilities, and a wide range of shopping outlets, are destined to make Pakistan among the best destinations for tourists.

Keeping in view the constant flow of investments in new shopping malls and ever-growing number of global brands, we have realized that the demand for unique malls will never end. As a responsible citizen of our country, it is my duty to equip Pakistan with exclusive projects that aim to attract people from all over the world and to create entertainment destinations for those already living here. I decided to launch The Space Mall to offer enthusiasts and mundane customers alike, a unique shopping experience with a mix of thematic amenities.

The Al-Bari Group of companies is striving hard to deliver quality services, intermixed with innovation. The core of Al Bari’s success has always rested in a corporate culture that promotes growth, fosters innovation and a never-ending search for better ways to serve our clients.

We celebrate the lively spirit of innovation in all our projects that have proven to be a binding thread that makes the Al-Bari Group what it is today.