The World at your Disposal
Our shopping centers will host both national and international brands to cater to all your shopping needs. These floors are dedicated to maximizing the pleasure of your shopping experience by not only offering a wide selection of brands, but the space theme is meant to make you float away as you browse through your favourite product line. The Space Mall promises to be a one stop shop for all your shopping needs, from expensive designer shoes, to daily items, you will find them all here. And should you get tired on your shopping spree, worry not, we have sitting corners on every floor for you to relax and regain your strength.


Luxury and Comfort Defined
The fifth and sixth floors of The Space Mall are dedicated to apartment complexes. The Space Mall apartments are designed with comfort and privacy in mind. Each of the two or three bedroom apartments is spacious and luxurious, guaranteeing a lavish lifestyle, and each apartment also features an A+ grade finish, custom made for our resident’s comfort. Home, as the adage goes, is where the heart is. The Space Mall is honoured to be a place you can call home. Your solace is our priority, and our apartments are designed to reflect this design philosophy.


Come for the Food, Stay for the Experience
At the end of a busy and hectic day, what things matter to you the most? We are willing to venture that food is somewhere high on that list. So feel free to take some time out for yourself and cherish the beauty of The Space Mall’s galaxy-themed food court. It is one of a kind food court based on a space theme, featuring nearly endless options for fine dining and restaurants with spacious sitting areas. It is the perfect place to dine out with friends, have a meal after a shopping spree, or wind down after a particularly arduous day, and can cater to all forms of dining requirements, ranging from informal get-togethers to family gatherings and even formal dinners.


For when you need a quick Recharge
A nice warm coffee is integral to any good day. Whether you’re looking for a caffeine boost in the morning, during the day, or in the evening, The Space Mall’s Coffee Shop has you covered. Everything from the lighting to the aroma and even the textures on the walls are geared to making you feel relaxed and at ease. The Coffee Shop is a place where you can leave your worries out and just take some time to recharge yourself. It promises to be fully stocked with all forms of beverages and treats, just what you will need to pick yourself up and be on your merry way.


Welcome to Space
The Space Mall will feature a zero gravity area, the first of its kind in Pakistan. The zero gravity area will simulate astronauts in low earth orbit, and provide you with an unparalleled experience. While we may not be able to offer you a trip to space, we have the next best thing. The zero gravity area promises to be an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.


Your Favorite Outdoor Sport, Now Indoors
Golf is the game of finesse and splendor. Now golf enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite game with all the comfort that the indoors bring. The Space Mall’s state of the art simulators will provide you with a near life like simulation of your favorite sport. The Golf simulator is not only for mundane use and we expect that even professional players will feel right at home. No expense will be spared to ensure that golf a high level of simulation is achieved, and all aspects of the game, including object trajectory, air resistance, cross winds and even ground resistance, will be modeled to a high degree of accuracy and authenticity.


A Fit Body is the Path to a Fit Mind
The Space Mall’s fitness center will cater to all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. It will be equipped for weight lifting, high intensity interval training, bodybuilding and CrossFit as well. For the more hard-core of our customers, the fitness center will be staffed with personal trainers and sport coaches. The center will not only have all kinds of fitness centric equipment, but also showers and sauna, to facilitate members after a hefty workout session, and locker rooms, so that members can exercise without having to worry about their valuable possessions.


Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Future
The Forces Floor is a dedicated museum that is designed to educate the public on Pakistan’s and the world’s space program, as well honor the Pakistani armed forces for their continued and dedicated services to our nation. Space has always been at the edge of our common imagination, and the nations of the world have historically always been united in their quest to unravel the mysteries of the last frontier. The Space Mall’s Forces Floor pays homage to this enduring drive to seek and find the wonders of the great beyond.


Leave Your Worries on Earth
The Space Mall’s Spa will be the place to go when life gets you down and you just need a break. Enter exhausted and yearning for a rest, and leave feeling reinvigorated and rejuvenated like never before. The Space Mall’s Spa will feature a soothing ambiance and the highest level of cleanliness and professionalism. The standard of service and level of therapeutic treatments will be unrivalled by any other spa in Pakistan.



The Space themed Center of the mall is based on five floors having a wide variety of brands.


The Food court offers endless options for restaurants, one can enjoy cuisines in the spacious sitting area.


The 5th and 6th floors of the mall are dedicated to the apartments having spacious and lavish living rooms.

OUR Services


Mosques are the heart of our culture and mysticism. The Space Mall will have an elegant and beautiful Mosque for those spiritually inclined.

Dancing Fountain

Behold the dancing fountain in our vicinity, and let it whisk away your imagination with its aesthetic beauty and splendor.

Child Care Center

Your children are our top priority. Leave them at our fully staffed child care center and enjoy a worry free shopping experience.

24/7 Survillance

You are safe and so are your belongings. Our premises are under 24/7 surveillance and protected by trained professionals.


The Space Mall offers spacious and plentiful parking. We ensure that all our customers have easy access to their favorite mall, and none have to stand in line.