A Look Into Pakistan’s First Space Themed Commercial Project – The Space Mall

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June 30, 2020



Indulge in the exciting attributes of an ultra-modern space-themed mall.

Syed Asim Raza, the chairman, believes that the commercial sector needs attractions that keep people on the hook. “When people think of a plaza, a vision of interior concourse, packed with stores, pops up in their minds. I want to change this; I want to bring a revolution in commercial real estate development by introducing landmarks like The Aquatic mall, The Space Mall, and other upcoming projects to be delivered by AL-Bari Group of Companies ”, he said in a conference. 

In Pakistan, the concept of thematic malls remained obscure, until Al Bari Group Of Companies broke the mold. The mall set a universal benchmark of theme-oriented development in the real estate industry.

The space mall will be located at the heart of beautiful Bahria Town. It presents a presiding space-theme with cutting edge allurements, including a starling experience of weightlessness, just like in space. The mall will be a hub of entertainment, retail, apartments, and fine-dining.

The mall will comprise six levels. Level 3 is primarily reserved for a food court, with an outer space atmosphere; 4th and 5th floors are dedicated to apartments/suites; the sixth level will be a penthouse. In addition to the sheer size, The Space Mall will house as many attractions as features. While it is a magnificent type of amusement. Everybody needs a place to relax, and wash their troubles away. Therefore, it’s unrivaled spa center embraces a soothing ambiance that will keep you reinvigorated. From a space museum, golf simulator, to a gravity-free adventure. The mall is an ultimate one-stop destination for just about everything. It’s a unique theme and curved infrastructure makes it stand out of the crowd.

Fun Facts About The Space Mall

  • Pakistan’s first-ever sustainable commercial project, based on the inner cosmic space theme.
  • The first mall to house golf simulation.
  • First to introduce zero gravity technology in Pakistan.
  • The architectural design proposes 500 retail shops.
  • The mall has 250 flats, 50 eateries, and a parking lot that cater 1000 cars at a time.

The mall will eliminate the old tiring ways and help you find everything under one roof. How? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Table Of Content

Go with the flow, or use the outline below to jump right into what exactly your after.

  • Gravity Free Area
  • Shopping Center
  • Food Court
  • Apartments
  • Business Center
  • The Space Museum
  • Golf Simulator
  • Business Center
  • Spa 
  • Coffee Shop
  • Penthouse

No Gravity? Now A Reality

The Space mall Zero gravity

When you were a kid, did you watch video footage of astronaut William “Shep” Sheerdph, floating weightlessly in interstellar space?

We did and imagined ourselves thriving in a gravity-free environment, ever since. But, as soon as my weight pressed against my seat, I came trashing back to the earth. If you’re someone like us The Space Mall’s gravity-free adventure will be your dream ticket.

It leverages disruptive technologies to intimate a gravity-free environment. Enjoy a fully immersive weightless adventure with your friends and dear ones. Now, dreaming is no longer the only way to floating in space. The Space Mall is fully dedicated to delivering the closest best thing to a space trip.

Space Shopping Mall

If you want to garner on swanky goods, then The Space Mall is where you need to be. Flooded with ultra-stylish options, and a handful of goodies, you just can’t miss. If you are someone who believes in affordable shopping, there will be at least one of everything you can think of.

It will be a shopping bonanza, but not quite overwhelming. Huge grocery stores, popular clothing brands, home appliances, shoes, the mall just has it all. Fashion enthusiasts can choose from tons of trending options while enjoying artifacts from space. Roaming around one floor to the other will make you a little over a mile so most probably you will get tired. But don’t worry, we will fit benches at every corner, to facilitate you. The space theme will make your shopping experience like no other, while you walk from store to store

Food Court

Why settle for an ordinary food court, when you can satisfy your taste buds at a galaxy-themed food yard? We’re transforming the eatery industry by offering tons of sweet and savory cuisines to enjoy with a beautiful vision of outer space. Amid the typical Mcdonald’s and Pizza Hut, and devour double-decker juicy burger or Neapolitan pizza. After a tiring day or a shopping spree, we all want to cherish ourselves with a delicious food treat. We all deserve it. That is why we cater with all sorts of eateries, from classic biryani to beef steak marinade, tailored to each customer’s taste buds. And, what’s better than to eat, while enjoying outrageous ornaments from space.


The Space Mall offers 2,3 and 4 bed luxurious flats on instant cash payment or on easy installment plans. The installment comes with affordable monthly income and payment. Level 4 of the mall is dedicated to apartments, with world-class facilities and a lavish lifestyle. These apartments are best for long-term futuristic investments and can be purchased, currently, at a reasonable amount.


They say go big or go home. But, The Space Mall’s lavish suites will let you enjoy a luxurious life with all comforts of home. These suites will be situated on the 5th floor. Our suites are ideal for any kind of event, ranging from business trips to romantic vacations.

Each suite will feature quality furnishing with a stunning view of the outer space. So, you can sit back and enjoy space miracles on a cozy chair. Once you enter into the suit and experience its quality, you will never want to leave it.

Business Center

The Space Mall’s business center

Want to boost business growth?

The Space Mall’s business center is all you need. We are offering a wide range of various sized comfortable working spaces, tailored to your business requirements. Situated at an easily accessible location, it is just a 20 minutes drive from Saddar and 10 minutes from Bahria Town and DHA. Our affordable rents and outrageous services facilitate small and large corporations to work freely in an eco-friendly environment. We offer the latest technologies like an interactive whiteboard, wireless presentation solutions, camera aid, mic system,  heating and cooling services Whatever your budget is, we allow flexible payment plans for private or shared workspaces.

The Space Museum

Enter into outer space, while discovering the honorable achievements of our unsung heroes from the forces. The space museum is planned to include a significant amount of space artifacts. Moreover, our galleries display weapons, ornaments, and pictures of courageous jawans of Pakistan. The floor is dedicated to paying homage to the wonders that lie beyond and the unheard stories of our brave soldiers.

Golf Simulator

The Space Mall’s golf simulator

Ever wondered playing golf indoors?

The golf simulator is a next-generation golf adventure that lets you enjoy the game, with all the luxury of indoor. The Space Mall’s golf simulator emulates ball flights to offer a real-life simulation of your favorite game. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, the stimulator provides you with a game of a lifetime. Bonus features include accurate swing calculations, air resistance, object trajectory, and so much more.

Fitness Center and Spa

 Are you starving to get in shape? And not getting any results?

 When you work hard to shed a few pounds and fail, frustration is likely to take over your mind and soul. But, don’t lose hope. With our highly skilled trainers, the latest equipment, and the best diets you will surely achieve your target weight goals, within months. Every person’s body is different; one may be able to lose that extra fat, just by cutting off sugar; others might have to go the extra mile to get their bodies in shape. Our skilled gym staff will know exactly what will work for you. Our values and expertise boast us to deliver the best of our work, whether it’s nutrition, training or techniques.  Moreover, the fitness club intends you to get the finest fitness utilizes, that no one else provides. Additionally. The fitness club offers locker rooms, showers, and saunas to facilitate its members, after a long tiresome workout or exercise session.


Our innovative spa is a perfect blend of treatments and therapies, that will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed.

Step into a relaxing, yet contemporary spa to get all the glory. Our innovative spa is a perfect blend of treatments and therapies, that will leave you rejunativated and relaxed. Our skilled staff will deliver an outrageous spa experience to refresh, soothe, and pamper the mind and soul. Every treatment will be perfectly designed to cater to your unique self and the luxury that was missing in your life.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop With a breathtaking interior architectural design, this exceptional, nouveau cafe will be a delight.

With a breathtaking interior architectural design, this exceptional, nouveau cafe will be a delight. The cafe will offer a range of beans – robusta, arabica, along with a vast collection of bakery items to sit and enjoy, with a perfect view of the galaxy. Glossy windows, Tiffany lamps, Dim lighting, and soft music add a sophisticated edge to the luxurious cafe.


Are you passionate about living among the clouds? Do you want to enjoy a remarkable skyline, from your window?

If yes, we’re here to take luxury to a new level. Located at the top floor of the landmark, our penthouses will be designed with spacious bedrooms, fully equipped bathrooms, elegant wooden fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and personal elevator. Moreover, if you need a professional chef to cook for a party, the mall will have a skilled team to make it all happen.

Wrap Up

The increasing demand for outrageous commercial development provides immense opportunities for the project. There is no doubt that the project will contribute to the sustainability and economic growth of the country.

Although The Space Mall is set to launch soon, it’s unique architectural design and concept has already made it popular among the investors and onlookers. People are eagerly waiting for its launch. Plenty of outlets are already sold out, while a few are open for booking. So, what are you waiting for? Get all the information you need by calling us at 03351115551.